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(PAB) Authorized Developer

About Xerox PAB

Since 2010, Ballistic Echo has been integrating Xerox® MFP devices and technology with customer workflow. In 2017, we became one of only a few worldwide partners to be named an official Xerox® Personalized Application Builder.

The Xerox® PAB program is the only one of its kind that provides tools, training and marketing resources that help partners create personalized solutions from office and managed print services (MPS) to production. Suitable for all IT and document management infrastructures, the Personalized Application Builder tools include Xerox® App Studio, as well as Software Developer Kits for MPS, FreeFlow® (workflow software) and Extensible Interface Platform so partners can meet their customers' unique requirements - and then differentiate themselves by branding the solution under their own name.

To date, Ballistic Echo has successfully launched a number of ConnectKey applictions for use on Xerox® MFP devices.

Add to this our other assortment of Xerox® related products and services and Ballistic Echo is well postioned to help your achive your goals within the Xerox® product and services arena.

Get Service Now

Get Service Now was originally devleoped for Xerox® Canada. This app allows users to place service requests with Xerox® Canada directly from the MFP. No longer are you searching for who to contact, the serial number of your device, or retreiving fault codes. A simple press of the button and a Xerox® service agent will connect with you at your convenience, and through the process they will already been made aware of the issue, along with relevant device details.

Remote Network Install

a.k.a. Ready Now, this takes the confusion and guess work around the scheduling of the remote installation of your new Xerox® MFP can be complicated. Ready Now removes the confusion. Currently, this app is deployed on all new Xerox® Connect Key devices in Canada. When your device arrives, you simply click the Network Install button, fill in a few detail, and a remote install specialist will be in contact to help configure your device.

Scan to Brokercore (coming soon)

Through our insurance practice we have been working closely with Brokercore (Broker Management platform) on creating direct integration from Xerox® ConnectKey MFP devices. This will allow a user to quickly search for a client or policy on the MFP and directly scan a document. No need for addtional software or server tools, just click and scan.

​CLIC for XPPS Invoicing

CLIC provides simplified, automated processing of your XPPS invoicing. Designed for Xerox® Agents and resellers, it supports for the native XPPS file format, and popular accounting platforms, CLIC takes the hassle, time, and errors out of your monthly billing process.